Durham Tees Valley Airport Sold

Following a vote today by the members of the Tees Valley Combined Authority, it has been agreed that Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen’s plan to purchase Durham Tees Valley Airport will go ahead.

This will see the airport brought back into public ownership, with 25% being owned by a new operator who will be announced soon.

The Mayor’s plan is to develop the airport and introduce new airline services and other aspects of the aviation business.

As a group we are independent of the owners and have always sought to work with whoever is in charge. We therefore want to congratulate the Mayor in his plan and state that we look forward to working with him and the new operator.

We have had a very enjoyable and professional relationship with the current owners, Peel Airports, since our group was formed and wish them the best going forward. Here’s what Peel had to say following the announcement:

We welcome the decision of the Tees Valley Local Authority leaders to support the proposal by the Elected Mayor to create a business plan designed to develop the economic benefits of the regional economy and its communities, by securing the future of Durham Tees Valley Airport.

We have been working hard with the Mayor to ensure a smooth transition once the sale has been concluded. Following today’s decision, we will continue to work with the Mayor and the Combined Authority to assist in completing the process.


The future of our group is a positive one and we look forward to working with and supporting the new operators.

As part of the Mayor’s plan is to revert back the told name of Teesside International Airport, it could be that the group is also renamed in the near future.